*VIDEO* What five guns should you buy in case of a ban?

*VIDEO* What five guns should you buy in case of a ban?

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 9.23.04 AMThe good old boys at Classic Firearms have a new video out with their recommendations on five guns you should buy in case of a gun ban. Their website describes the two Iraq War veterans business like this: “Your home for Military Surplus, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Shooting, and General Zombie Slaying with a little science and redneck fun all rolled into one.”

Sounds like my kind of place.

Derek Barry and his partner discuss the Clinton era gun bans in the video. The Federal Assault Weapons ban was signed by Bill Clinton into law in 1994 and lasted ten years before sunsetting. The bans applied only to weapons manufactured after the laws were enacted. The legislation didn’t ban a particular gun. It banned features of a gun. Although the law is no longer in effect, legislators such as Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) are threatening to introduce new gun ban legislation as a response to the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. The boys at Classic Firearms have a video below talking about what may or may not be restricted in the event that congress decides to attempt a weapons ban.

In similar news, Joe Scarborough and Representative Tim Huelskamp got into a scuffle over the causes of gun violence this morning. Huelskamp, a Tea Party style Republican defended the right to bear arms even in the wake of a tragedy. Scarborough berated Huelskamp for suggesting that Joe was politicizing a tragedy on his television show. Huelskamp fights back, arguing that parents need to be more involved in their kids lives. Apparently suggesting parents actually have to be responsible for their children and their behavior is controversial in America today. Today you can be shunned because you might “judge” someone. “Don’t be judgmental” is what people say. Shaming someone for their poor behavior is inconsiderate. Parents must never be held accountable for their child’s actions. Teachers or movies or video games or guns are to blame. Never the parents.

Video from the heated exchange below


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