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Trump: If You’re Deathly Ill, Vote For Me Before You Die

by Josh Guckert

In one of the stranger statements by the Republican nominee thus far this election cycle, Donald Trump insisted upon the importance of voting by suggesting that those who are terminally ill ought to make an effort before they die.

While likely intended as humor, the example came off as strangely vivid. He states that those who have a prognosis of “two weeks” should “hang out” until November 8. At that point, Trump says, they should vote in the presidential election. The Republican suggests that these people’s dying votes for him will be greatly treasured, saying that after they die, “all we’re gonna say is we love you and will remember you always.”

Though far from the most outlandish comment by Trump during the 2016 campaign, this attempted joke is marked in its ominousness. Moreover, it has an Orwellian undertone, insisting upon the principle of national service to the leader, even up to the moment of death.

Perhaps as libertarians we may be expressing too much scrutiny toward these kinds of comments, but Trump’s authoritarian record properly elicits such criticism. Even in humor, we can see the kind of a leader one wishes to be.

Watch the moment below:

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