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Killer Cop Indicted for Shooting Up Car of Unarmed Teens (VIDEO)

by Micah J. Fleck

The fact that this man was not punished for his earlier deadly offenses is still quite a disgrace, but at the very least there is now a chance that some sort of justice may still be served. 41-year-old Chicago officer Marco Proano was caught on video back in 2013 for opening fire into a car full of unarmed teenagers. And though that particular case ended up settling out of court, it seems a new indictment implicating Proano as an aggressive offender in the incident may still bring justice and attention to his wrongdoings.

According to The Washington Post:

These charges come at a time of intense scrutiny for the Chicago Police Department, which is still reeling from the release of video footage last year showing an officer fatally shooting a black teenager. That video drew national attention and helped spark a Justice Department investigationinto the department, the country’s second-biggest local law enforcement agency, which is imposing its own reforms while simultaneously trying to combat a staggering surge in gun violence.

In a two-page indictment filed Thursday and made public Friday, Marco Proano, 41, is accused of using unreasonable force with “acts that resulted in bodily injury” to two people. These two people were not named in the indictment.

Proano — who had been commended by the department for an earlier shooting — faces two counts of depriving the rights of these people under color of law during a Dec. 22, 2013, incident in Chicago. He could face up to two decades in prison if convicted on the charges.

One can only hope.


The video evidence of the shooting can be watched below.

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