Gary Johnson: Trump Can’t Win — Vote for Me to Beat Hillary!

All Who Oppose Hillary Should Vote for Gary Johnson

by Aya Katz

For those who believe in the principle of the “Wasted Vote,” here is a news flash: Trump can’t win. Voting for him is wasting your vote. If the reason you are voting for Trump is to beat Hillary, there is only one choice left: Gary Johnson. You may not like him. You may not agree with him on everything. But he is an honest, upright man, and he has supporters among the young, among independents, and among all right-thinking people. If you want to back a winner, it’s Johnson or nothing. That is, unless you want Hillary Clinton as your next president.

Here is what Gary Johnson himself has to say on the subject:

Donald Trump cannot win this election. If that wasn’t clear before, it is becoming crystal clear now.

It’s time for Republicans, and all Americans, to face that reality. And it’s time to reject the notion that he is the only option other than Hillary Clinton. Americans deserve better. Women deserve better.

The Republican Party leadership has dumped Trump. He has shown himself to be a vile human being. Hillary Clinton, of course, is also a vile human being. Both have trampled on the rights of women, minorities and anyone who does not happen to be in power. But the thing is, while this is something that the Democratic Party leadership tolerates — after all, traditionally Democratic scandals are of a moral nature, while Republican scandals are more fiscal — the Republican leadership will not allow it. As such, Trump has lost his base. Yes, there are some die-hard fans of his who will vote for Trump until the bloody end, but there is no way he can possibly win.

Now that this is clear to all, if you want to stop Hillary Clinton, you must vote for Gary Johnson. He is on the ballot in all fifty states. Nobody else stands a chance against Hillary. Why waste your vote when you could vote for Gary Johnson? He’s a good man. He’s not just the lesser of two evils. Johnson is not evil at all. And he is the only one who can win! There is no other choice this time but to do the right thing. Vote Libertarian! Vote Johnson/Weld!

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