Top Outdoor Sports for Nature Lovers

Playing sports is a hobby that brings joy and excitement to the lives of many. When you combine that with some of the most astonishing nature reserves or landscapes, you can create a blissful experience. Outdoor sports are ideal for those that are drawn to playing sports and spending time in nature. There are so many for you to explore, so it’s about being open to trying new things and mastering new skills. In case you’re planning your next adventure, here are some top outdoor sports that you may thoroughly enjoy as a nature lover.


A common water sport, that millions of people globally engage in, is surfing. It’s perfect for those that love water and like the idea of living life on the wild side. A surfing tip to consider is trying yoga so that you can master core balance and strong arms which you’re going to need for paddling. As a beginner, you also want to choose a longboard as it gives you the balance and stability that you need. Also, make sure that you’re hydrated before you go surfing as you’ll be spending time in the sun.


If you’re up for a real challenge, hunting is a sport you should get well-acquainted with. It’s a chance to spend time in some of the most exciting hunting grounds and look for your game of choice. If you do decide to try hunting, below are a few tips that could help you as a beginner.

  • Choose Appropriate Clothing: Hunting is a sport which you’re going to need to be physically active for. Making sure that you wear clothing that you can move around in is essential. You also want to be sure that you’re prepared for cooler temperatures by buying items like a beanie, pants, and a jacket. SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear provides suggestions on how to select the best hunting clothes. When shopping, look for items that use merino wool so that you’re sure you’re warm and your clothes don’t have a foul scent after a few days of hunting.
  • Take the Right Tools: When you go hunting, there are certain tools that you need if you want the best experience. One is a rifle scope which can help you spot your prey more effectively. Look for a lightweight scope that gives as much magnification as possible and a good range. Aside from a scope, you could also add a hunting knife, camping equipment if you’re staying overnight and a first aid kit.
  • Choose the Right Place: Before going on your first hunting trip, think about the types of game that you want to hunt. This could determine where you go hunting as some areas will have more of the kind of game you’re looking for than others. Top destinations for hunting are Uruguay, Namibia, and Gambia. Arkansas is a good place to hunt if you want to go duck hunting.

Mountain Biking

To take cycling to another level, try mountain biking. It’s a chance to see new trails in different parts of the world. For first timers, when you go mountain biking, be sure to only ride on trails that are open to mountain bike use. When you reach steep declines and inclines, shift your weight forward so it’s easier to navigate. Some of the best towns for mountain biking are Utah because of its red-rock landscape and Colorado because of their bike culture and mountain bike history.

Cross-Country Skiing

Winter-outdoor sports can be good for those who are looking for something out of the box to do. Cross-country skiing is one such sport and it differs from normal skiing as you don’t have any ski lifts or other forms of assistance. It also combines skiing and hiking making it possible to burn between 600 and 900 calories every hour. Finding the right all mountain skis should be a breeze, by searching online for the right size, shape, and fit for each individual skier.


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