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Once upon a time, Barack Obama had some libertarian supporters. He really knew how to talk about liberty subjects in the aftermath of George W. Bush’s big government presidency. Ultimately, you can find “libertarian” quotes by most presidents and presidential hopefuls, because some libertarian ideas are tremendously popular, and they appeal to broad crowds of inspired people, even when the person saying them is lying through their teeth.

To start us off, let’s see what 2009 Obama said about words:

“Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something.”

Barack-Obama (1)

Words must mean something.

Let’s see what Obama’s words mean…

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Avens O'Brien is a 2nd-generation libertarian residing in Los Angeles, where she works as an operations & marketing consultant for start-ups in the tech & cannabis industries. Prior to that, she worked for Thoughtful Media, & Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital. She's been active in anti-war protests since 2003, & volunteered on Badnarik's LP campaign in 2004 as well as Ron Paul's primary campaign in 2008. She was Vice Chair of the LPNH from 2006-2008. She's the LA Chapter Leader for LOLA. She thinks civil & economic liberty are equally essential to the human spirit. Her goal is through her experience in advertising to assist the libertarian movement in messaging & increasing awareness. She's a Facebook agitator turned writer, dissident feminist, contributor to Thoughts on Liberty as well as TLR, & articulates life experiences & their inspired philosophical thoughts on her personal blog: Taste it Twice. You can meet her at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas every year, or at Burning Man if you're that wild. Find all her writing, interviews and other work at