Top 10 Weirdest Presidential Marriages

6. Grover and Frances Cleveland

Grover entered the White House as a bachelor, but met Frances in 1885. The odd thing about this though was that Grover had essentially known Frances her entire life, as he had been the executor of her father’s estate. Since herĀ father’s death, Grover had supervised her upbringing. He doted on her as a child, and groomed her throughout her upbringing until he finally fell in love with her while she was at college. The two were married (Grover at age 49, Frances at age 21) in 1886 in the White House. Frances is rumored to have guaranteed to the staff a return to the White House upon Grover Cleveland’s defeat in the 1888 election, a prognostication that came true when Grover won the 1892 election.

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