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These Are The Best of Rand Paul’s Epic Angry Festivus Tweetstorm

Two days before Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. The halls have been decked, the stockings have been hung, and Senator Rand Paul’s annual Festivus Airing of Grievances is here.

This years airing gave Rand a Twitter Moment garnering much more attention for Rand Paul’s issues with the President, Congress, and even our favorite neo-con John Bolton.

Starting his grievances with “The foreign policy establishment” Rand addressed the flip-flopping of how two years ago they were claiming Trump would start “multiple nuclear wars,” but are now angry that he has stopped two wars in one week.

Getting a dig in there about the establishment’s bad foreign policy for the past 20 years, and how they just hate the President.

Rand is 100% correct in this, as for years the left has claimed to want peace. Now that Trump is the one pulling us out of unconstitutional wars it is “Russian Collusion.”

Much like Rand, I want nothing else for Christmas then to “Bring Them Home” and that is exactly what Trump has started, and will hopefully continue.

Rand stopped for a few hours, presumably reloading for an even nastier tweet storm and boy did he deliver.

The next target was the budget and the constant over spending that the federal government is leaving for my generation. Want a good reason Taxation is Theft? Well, I as a private citizen would never spend my money studying the sexual habits of quail on cocaine. I guess our representatives think otherwise though, according to one of Rand’s tweets.

I do like the idea of spending money to improve our own tourism though, too bad the US government is helping Egypt’s tourism market instead.

He targets more wasteful spending in the following tweets as well as where foreign aid is going.

I like the idea of borrowing money and paying it off later to help kids in Africa, but instead we are borrowing money, from China, then paying interest, to China, and also giving China foreign aid.

I actually just got a picture of the Chinese family our tax dollars are going to today, pictured below.


To finish off the wonderful day, Rand started poking fun at some of his fellow congressmen and President Trump.

To start off, he went to go visit Elizabeth Warren, but sadly she was not at her assumed location.

I figure she is only there 1/1024 of the time, and spends the rest of the time with John Smith.

Rand then offered a very fiscally responsible idea for Trump’s wall, that I whole-heartedly approve of, and will be calling my Senators for soon.

Next target up was Rand’s former Presidential rival Ted Cruz, and the surprise he came back with after Thanksgiving.

I suppose Rand forgot that Ted lasted a little bit longer than he did in the POTUS race… must’ve been that Canadian charm. Sure as hell wasn’t their healthcare.

Only, a few tweets left from the Tweet storm, and the next target was The Dark Lord that loves war and destruction so much that he raged it on feminists during the Kavanaugh hearings.

That’s right. The one, the only, Lindsey Graham. After Trump said we are pulling out of Afghanistan and Syria, Graham claimed it was a bad idea and would allow ISIS to grow. The only bad thing that came out of it for Graham was a sick burn from Rand.

The final insult went to well known warmonger and Trump adviser John Bolton. While John Bolton is widely unliked, Rand has a point of what is better than the idea of him having to end wars for the rest of his time in the White House?

Rand ended reflecting on previous Festivus airings, and the past few weeks. He tweeted about about bipartisan legislation being passed, and the great help President Trump has been to get some things done just before Christmas.

And that was the “Festivus Tweetstorm of 2018” with lots of hot takes, and this one being the hottest.



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