The Worst Gun Control Bill in American History is a War on Self-Preservation

In the latest episode of Revolution’s Revival with Caleb Shumate, I discuss what I believe is the worst gun control bill in American history and how it would effectively destroy the average American’s right to self-defense.

H.R. 127, also known as the “ Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act,” was introduced in the House of Representatives on January 6 by Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX).

If this bill were to become law, it would render the second amendment useless, setting up a national gun registry of all firearms, making all popular firearm attachments illegal, and limiting the amount of ammunition an individual can have, among other atrocities.

I provide my audience with an often-overlooked argument in favor of gun rights as gun control practically makes disabled individuals victims. It robs them of the only truly effective means to ensure their self-preservation as I discuss in my classic article, “Colt Made Me Equal”: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership.

It is my belief that I have a strong case in defense of our natural rights of life, liberty, and property. In this modern age, I see myself as a canary in a coal mine, sounding the wake-up alarm to all Americans to stand up and fight for liberty. We must not allow this garbage to stand!

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Love, Peace, and Liberty!

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