The Top 5 Ways this Election is Rigged

5. Even if the Election Were Thrown to the House, the House is Full of Democrats and Republicans

Despite all the gaslighting by the mainstream media and the CPD, the public does know about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party Candidate for president. Johnson is even polling surprisingly well in certain key states, New Mexico and Utah, to name two.

The Democrats and the Republicans are running a tight race, each more hated and despised than the other. There is speculation that neither Trump nor Clinton may win a majority in the Electoral College. In that case, the election may be thrown into the House. Supporters of Johnson are hoping that in such an eventuality, both Democrats and Republicans in the House will opt for a Johnson presidency, in order to prevent the rival of their candidate — Trump or Clinton — from winning.

This presupposes a naive hatred by Trump supporters for Clinton and by Clinton supporters for Trump, such as we see in angry Facebook posts. But Johnson supporters are forgetting one thing: practically all the members of Congress are bought and paid for by the same rich donors.  They are Republicans and Democrats first, and Americans second. If the wealthy donors who contributed to the congressional campaigns of the house members — whether Republican or Democrat — tell the beneficiaries of their bounty to pick either Clinton or Trump, they will vote as they are told. It is very unlikely that any congressperson whose election was paid for by the Demo-Publicans will suddenly turn around and vote Libertarian. It’s not rigged to work that way.


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