The Top 5 Ways this Election is Rigged

4. Many of the Same Political Donors Sponsor Both Republicans and Democrats

For a long time now, we have seen that many major donors to the Republicans also donate to the Democrats and vice versa. As just one example, Donald Trump is known to have donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats’ campaigns. For people with a lot of money, this seems like a safe hedging policy, because each presidential election year, while it may be hard to predict which candidate will win the White House, it is a near certainty that it will be either a Democrat or a Republican. The same is true for congressional  and even gubernatorial campaigns. Because the powers that be are already so highly invested in the campaigns of both  Republicans and Democrats, they would stand to lose a lot of money, if one or the other party did not win the White House or control Congress. These donors do not care in the least who wins, as long as it’s a Democrat or a Republican. Both Democrats and Republicans are equally beholden to them. But there would be hell to pay, if it was not one of the two for each elective office!

This is one way in which the election is rigged.

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