Top 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Jill Stein


The Green Party is Further From Liberty Than You May Think

Many people are familiar with Jill Stein. The Green Party candidate seems like the natural successor to Bernie Sanders’s revolution. For far-left socialists, this may be the case. For those interested in a free and productive society, however, Stein falls far below par. Here are just a few reasons not to waste your vote on Jill Stein.

1. No One  Wants to Foot the Bill for Her Energy Policies


The first thing that stands about Jill Stein is, of course, her “green” agenda. You can find her radical agenda on her campaign page. Among other things, Stein wants to convert to “100% clean, renewable energy by 2030.” That sounds all well and good, up to the point where you consider what that means.

Green energy can hardly stand on its own legs. Solar, one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, can only peter along with huge tax breaks and subsidies. Most of the solar units installed in this country are leased through another company. You can see some of the numbers here. Companies often sell these leases in predatory and dishonest ways, trapping consumers in a failing scheme where the taxpayer foots the bill.

While many people support a theoretical carbon tax, and there may be economic arguments for doing so, the thought of bearing the cost is vastly unpopular. At the end of the day, the biggest plank in Stein’s platform is not only unpopular, but unworkable.

2. Her “Free” Education Proposals are as Impractical as They are Stupid


It isn’t enough to say that Stein is simply pandering to former-Sanders supporters. In reality, free education has long-held as a plank of the Green Party. However, just because it is a long-standing tradition of the party doesn’t make it any smarter.

Stein wants to guarantee free public education. She wants to abolish student loans. She wants to keep public schools from privatization. All of these are recipes for disaster. Education is a service just like anything else in the economy. Keeping out the market has the same effect as it does on most things: a higher price and poorer quality.

Life as a student is hard enough. Now, Stein wants to increase taxes to pay for these goodies. If people don’t, or shouldn’t, go to college, there’s no recourse. Student loans rates, in fact, should be high because unlike with a bank, the government can’t repossess the assets you acquire (your brain). That being said, Jill Stein does make us wonder.

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