SWAT Team kills 107-year-old man in shootout

He died a warriors death!

A 107-year-old Pine Bluff, Arkansas man died in a shootout with police and SWAT team members following an incident Saturday evening. Officers were deployed after a report of an aggravated assault had occurred against two people at the residence. Citizens reported that the senior citizen, Monroe Isadore, had pointed a weapon at them and called the police to respond.

When officers arrived, a gunshot was fired through the door at them. No one was injured and police initially retired to a safe area to consider their next plan of action. SWAT was called out to respond and begin negotiations. After being unable to convince him to surrender peacefully, officers began pumping gas into the room from an outside window. Isadore immediately began firing through the window at the police. The entry team then flashbanged the house, forcefully entered and killed the old man quickly.

Officials are still investigating the incident.

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