Off duty cop shoots unarmed man in Texas! Family of victim demanding answers!

Something’s rotten in the state of Texas…

The family of a San Antonio man who was shot and killed by an off duty police officer are demanding answers. Mathew Jackson was shot by Deputy Anthony Thomas on his way home from a late night visit to a friends house. While driving home, some sort of incident occurred where Mathew Jackson was pulled off the road and involved in an altercation with deputy Thomas. Jackson was shot while inside his vehicle and had a tarp laid over his body where it was left for hours. The victim’s family are complaining that the investigation into the events are being stalled.

The family is asking Sheriff Susan Pamerleau to take an active role in the investigation. 

From Kens5 News:

“It seems like the investigation started off completely wrong and I hope she gets involved. I hope she cleans that up. I hope she helps us find the right answers and these missteps get corrected,” said Patrick Jackson.

The county’s medical examiner confirmed Monday Jackson died of a gunshot wound to the chest. A key part of the investigation hinges on where Jackson was when Thomas began to shoot. Jackson’s wife and brother said they drove by the scene separately around 7 a.m. looking for Mathew, since he never arrived at the couple’s Converse home. Both people said Mathew’s body was in the front seat of his car, with his left foot on the ground and he appeared to be shot while sitting in his own vehicle.


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