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Student Leader: Minorities traumatized by Studying too many White People

by Blake Neff

College is a “psychologically destructive” experience for non-whites because they end up studying too much about white people, the head of Britain’s national student union said in a recent interview.

Malia Bouattia, 28, is the head of the United Kingdom’s National Union of Students (NUS), a massive umbrella organization representing over 95 percent of the country’s student unions. In an interview published Sunday by The Guardian, Bouattia took aim at British college curricula, which she said are so “Eurocentric” they cause mental distress for non-white students.

“When we look at the incredibly Eurocentric curriculum, where people don’t see themselves in what they’re studying, and can’t relate to it, and feel that their European counterparts hit the ground running, they can’t see themselves advancing in the subjects,” Bouattia said. (University Diversity Officer: Minority Women Can’t Be Racist)

Bouattia has frequently aroused controversy both as NUS president and as a politically active student at the University of Birmingham. She presided over NUS’s black students conference last May, which passed a resolution calling for the total abolition of prisons in the country because they are “sexist and racist.” Previously, she complained that the University of Birmingham was a “Zionist outpost” because of its sizable Jewish population, and opposed a resolution condemning ISIS because she said its wording would promote war and Islamophobia.

During her interview with The Guardian, Bouattia claimed she is not anti-Semitic and that her past statements were “misinterpreted.” That provoked a harsh response from Britain’s Union of Jewish Students (UJS), which said Bouattia was ignoring NUS rules saying offensive remarks should be defined by the alleged victim, not by the speaker.

“In Sunday’s interview, [Bouattia] completely denied the right of Jewish students to define their experiences of antisemitism,” UJS said. “Why, then, does she not accord this principle to anyone else? [There is] one rule for the Jews, another for everyone else.”

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