Social Media Bias And Advertising Are Big Problems

Social media networks have become a staple of modern society. Consumers around the world take advantage of these sites so they can show people what they’re cooking, eating, reading, and chatting with friends. Then, there are people who like using social media to chat about politics. Some argue that social media networks have a bias toward people with certain political ideologies. Many believe that social media has a bias against conservatives and it could be one of the driving factors behind Joe Biden’s potential victory during the recent presidential election.

Social media bias and advertising are big problems that need to be addressed.

What Is Happening

During the election news cycle, a damaging story about Joe Biden was released by the New York Post. That story has the potential to severely hinder Biden’s chances at the polls but there was one problem. Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, decided to suppress that story even though it was written by the New York Post. Both quickly backpedaled and tries to remedy that problem with excuses. Nevertheless, these social media giants continue enforcing the rules differently depending on who is bending those rules.

The Post’s story alleged that Hunter Biden made money by selling access to his father when he was serving as vice president. The platforms hide the story and blamed it on links to documents. They claimed that the documents might’ve been hacked or illegally obtained and suggested that the story might be disinformation.

It is hard to ignore the fact that negative stories about conservatives and Donald Trump are often allowed to float around these platforms without any restrictions. Twitter’s excuses for removing the stories were far-fetched. There was never any evidence that Joe or Hunter Biden were hacked. In addition to this, Twitter has allowed WikiLeaks and others to post hacked information regularly.

What The Heritage Foundation Says

The Heritage Foundation has studied Big Tech companies and their potential biases. It has seen firsthand how these companies can block and limit people from accessing content on their platforms. It happens even when medical information is given by licensed medical professionals. The problem is that the information doesn’t agree with the company’s political or social agendas. These networks remove posts, block users, or use political labels to make people believe the stories are inaccurate.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that its Prime streaming service would not carry the new documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?”. The film from Shelby Steele takes a closer look at the false racial narrative being pushed by the left and how it led to riots throughout Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere. The fact that Amazon refused to carry the film proves it has a bias. This only adds to the politicized statements its founder Jeff Bezos has made over the past few years.

Pew Research

If you like agen poker, you can confidently gamble that Americans do not trust Big Tech and social media companies. A recent study from Pew confirmed as much. The poll showed that more than 80% of Americans believed it was likely that social networks were actively censoring political views that they found objectionable. In addition to this, 85% of people on the right believe that the bias is real. More surprisingly, 62% of the left believe it.

Suffice to say, people throughout the country do not trust social media networks. Social media networks can apologize so many times but that isn’t going to help. Real action needs to be taken to put a stop to the bias.

Advertising Concerns

Furthermore, there are biases in terms of social media advertising. At times, the tech giants have refused to run conservative advertisements for one reason or another. They argue that these ads are filled with disinformation. However, they allow the left to do the same without saying anything about it. As a result, many conservative politicians have been unable to use social media to advertise their campaigns. Liberal and progressive politicians have free reign over these platforms.

Many will argue that this has to do with bias. They believe that the leaders of the big tech companies are hoping to shut out conservative voices. Whether or not this is the case, more needs to be down to even the playing field.