Saudi Arms Deal Passed, Why not an American Arms Deal?

Recently the US Government Federal Senate voted to block an arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The Arms deal is worth over $1 billion, and many senators voted no. Unfortunately the Joint Resolution proposed by Rand Paul did not pass. Many conservatives and liberals alike had expressed distaste for the Obama administration and their arms deal with the Saudis. This leads to a conversation that I think libertarians should be having about the government.

If the government has no problem selling a massive amount of arms, from fighter jets to tanks, and anti-material rifles to Squad Automatic Weapons; why do they have a problem with our populace having access to it?

They are afraid of the ramifications of the American populace having access to arms of that caliber, they are so afraid of that concept, that they routinely vote to ban “scary, black rifles.” It shows a lack of character on the congressmen and who voted against this resolution, it shows that they don’t have any empathy for the victims of the war crimes that the Saudis have committed. As a lover of liberty, as a proponent of freedom I look at those votes in disgust.

I won’t tell people what they should think, but when you look at the names of those congressmen and congresswoman, do you not picture squad of fighter jets raining down hell-fire onto innocent people? The Saudis have committed war crimes, and later on in history people will look back on this arms deal in contempt for the US politicians who allowed this to happen.

If the US government is going to sells arms to people, the only people it should be allowed to sell arms to is the American people. We do not need to be selling arms to countries that actively kill innocents for no reason other than their holy book tells them it’s okay to do so. Honor killings have no honor, stoning should be shamed. Killing innocent civilians in the name of Islam should be treated with nothing but the harsh fist of justice. We don’t allow that to happen in the western world, so why do American politicians allow themselves to be a part of it in other parts of the world?

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