Reasons to avoid bulky wallets

We carry wallets to every place we go for a good reason. However, for most individuals, the wallet they carry in their back pocket is more of a hard brick and not a functional accessory. A huge wallet can have side effects on your health and weigh you mentally. That is the key reason you should go for a Kinzd Slim wallet. The slim wallet comes with many benefits such as more comfort, better look and easier access to documents. Here are some additional reasons people are avoiding the bulky wallets. 

– A slim wallet is more comfortable 

If you have been carrying your bulky wallet in your back pocket, then you already know how uncomfortable it can feel after you sit on it. The situation will be different when carrying a slim wallet. After placing your slim wallet in the front pocket or shirt pocket your butt will remain in equal footing and there will be no need of dealing with pressure points on the cheeks. Rubber bands are the cheapest and a common sliming wallet option. Sitting on rubber-banded cards is different from sitting on a huge billfold. 

– With a slim wallet, you will easily find anything that you need

By carrying the necessary items in your wallet alone, you will never fumble around searching for a credit card or your ID after you get to a cashier. That way, you will save more time, particularly when you are in a hurry. It also feels good to carry all the items you need – not those that you do not need. 

– Live a clutter-free life 

Perhaps, you already have several items in your wallet that you rarely use or you did not know that they exist. Try to do a little clean up from time to time to eliminate such items from your wallet. If you have cards that you use once after several days, such as an eatery card, you should leave it in your vehicle or workplace instead of moving with it to any place. Remember that some of the cards in your wallet might be of no use.

– Avoid the look of a bulging back pocket 

A huge wallet will make your back pocket bulge and make you look somehow silly. In fact, no woman would want to be associated with such a man. If your wallet is thick and you end up wearing a pair of properly fitting pants, you will definitely get the bad appearance. The same will apply to women too – a big wallet will not look good in the back pocket.

– Your clothes will last for a long time 

It is common to see people in pants with worn back pockets. Carrying a huge wallet in the back pocket makes a groove in the pants at the end. The groove is hard to fix and might influence you to buy another pair of pants. To avoid the expensive solution, go for the Kinzd slim wallet. Place the wallet in your front pocket or shirt pocket to avoid the issue further. Apart from saving your pants, you will also keep your documents safe throughout the day. 

– Lesser risks if pickpocketed 

A slim wallet can only carry a few credit cards and IDs. In other words, if it went missing, you will only need to notify a few banks about your misplaced cards. Moreover, a small wallet is less visible and pickpockets will have a hard time finding it. You do not have to spend time calling many people for cancellation of cards or replacements. 


Slimming a wallet involves more than just removing some of the credit cards and receipts. It also involves canceling most of them. If you have been using many credit cards, you will have to cancel several of them. With a few accounts, you will have fewer things to track.

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