Egypt Is Back in the Universal Game of Tourism

The immortal country of Egypt has also been known as the birthplace of civilization and one of the few countries that can offer a clear image of how the ancient civilizations of early human history came to be and how they evolved across more than 4500 years. Egypt Tours Portal is the key to explore all the wonders and hidden attractions of Egypt as it has hen organizing magical and complete tours for more than 30 years that gained the respect and satisfaction of every client located in every corner of the world. Egypt is the ideal destination for travelers from all over the world who will offer the finest vacation anyone can ask for across a number of incredible destinations such as Cairo Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan plus the enchanting red sea resorts like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik.

Egyptian Government Efforts For Covid-19

Egypt like the rest of the world has been through a lot, especially the tourism sector which was able to reconstruct its entire work structure, dealings, and procedures to handle the current situation the world is living under covid-19.  Egypt was able to take full control of the spread of the virus and achieve the place of the 119th country in the world in relation to the number of infections since October 2020 which keep on dropping and recorded a 92.3 percent recovery rate which keeps on rising which is all due to the strong and necessary measures taken by the government like cleansing all the visited attractions, the transportation vehicles and accommodations on a daily basis and requiring a negative PCR test within 72 hours before flying to Egypt. It is also one of the first countries in the world and Africa to take part in various clinical trials for COVID-19 treatments in cooperation with the “WHO” World Health Organization.

Egyptian Government Efforts For Tourism

In mid-November 2020, Egypt’s foreign ministry has offered an official thanks to all the countries that have decided to resume tourism in Egypt after meeting a number of European ambassadors. From last July till the first half of October, A number of Egyptian airlines resumed business with flights from France, England, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, and more to be expected. Egypt has resumed its tourism activities since late October after the Egyptian authorities took strict procedures to secure all the tourist attractions and lower the coronavirus cases as possible. Mr. Badr Abdel Atty assistant foreign minister for European affairs held a meeting with the ambassadors from the European states, including Ukraine, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, and the UK to discuss ways to enhance the economical & trade relations, and ways to improve tourism.

Best Time to Visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt from any country in the world is from August to April during the delightful seasons of spring, autumn, and winter where the weather temperature is at 21 C (70 F) which is ideal for all the foreign visitors especially from Europe and North America who are not used to the sunny, humid and dry Egyptian climate. Where every traveler will enjoy all the incredible activities located all over Egypt such as Nile cruise, super safari, Shopping tours, snorkeling, diving, and a lot more.

Best Safe Attractions to Visit In Egypt

All the attractions of Egypt will be protected in every shape, form, and manner where every traveler will get to explore all the illuminating wonders of Egypt such as the great Giza pyramids complex the contains the great pyramid of Khufu the only intact wonder out of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the divine guardian the great sphinx the biggest and most ancient man-made on the plant, The newly constructed Grand Egyptian Museum which contains more than 150,000 artifacts constructed from priceless materials such as wood, stone, gold, silver, and gemstones plus a number of mummies to famous kings, Queens, and holy priests, The golden road of Khan El Khalili Bazaar is a living museum in the shape of the oldest market place in the Middle East which offers a majestic shopping experience. the city of minarets Cairo holds the glorious Cairo citadel the immortal guardian & home of the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali and some Coptic and Islamic construction within such as Amr Ibn Alas mosque, Ibn Tulan mosque, and many more, plus a number of Coptic attractions like the Abu Serga Church, hanging church, and, the unique Ben Ezra Synagogue.

The wonder of Upper Egypt is without an end which begins in the heavenly land of the golden city of Luxor the biggest open-museums on earth like the beautiful   Hatshepsut temple, the heavenly Valley of the Kings, the divine Karnak temples complex, and the powerful colossal Colossi of Memnon, plus many more. Aswan the city of the eternal gods is home to the unique double temples of Kom Ombo, the temple of the goddess Isis of love and motherhood Philae Temple, the great temples of Abu Simple of King Ramses the great, the temple of the sky god Horus the god Edfu, the unfinished obelisk of Hatshepsut, and more.

A Nile cruise between the marvelous Luxor and Aswan is the finest manner to enjoy a magical opportunity to catch a glimpse of the wonder and beauty of the heavens and explore the ancient history of these blessed lands and watch the ancient tales of the Egyptians come to life across its banks while enjoying the finest service.

The bride of the Mediterranean Sea Alexandria is a beautiful vision showcasing the Greco-roman culture across the famous catacombs, the unique Pompey pillar, and the Islamic citadel of Qaitbey that was built on the location that once held the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria the wonder of the ancient world using its salvaged rocks.

Egypt’s greatest attraction is the red sea where the coastal tropical allure provides a true feeling of bliss and tranquility. The city resort of Hurghada is a marvelous place filled with all aquatic activities and natural attractions a traveler would need to enjoy a delightful holiday. The city of peace sherm el sheik located at the edge of the holy land of Sinai is also an immortal gate leading to the wonders of the red sea and Sinia.

The time is now to enjoy life and break free from the stress the world in living within the magical lands of Egypt where time flows like the rivers of paradise and the greatest thrill and bliss is found with every look and the wonders of Egypt.

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