Does your partner need to know about your sexting habits? JuicyLucy from Arousr opens up

It’s no secret that sexting has become a part of everyday life. Many people are exploring their sexuality through sexting and having fun doing it. But if you’re in a relationship, does your partner need to know about your sexting habits? Recently, JuicyLucy from Arousr opened up about the issue and shared her thoughts on the matter. Let’s take a closer look at what she had to say. 


What Is Sexting? 

Before we dive into the topic further, let’s make sure we understand exactly what sexting is. Sexting is sending sexually explicit text messages. This can be anything from flirty messages or suggestive photos to actual conversations with other people. In other words, it’s any type of communication that contains sexual content or images. 

Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Sexting Habits? 

The short answer is yes. While JuicyLucy believes that it’s not necessary to disclose every single detail of your sexting habits, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to relationships. Especially when it’s something as potentially dangerous as sexting. You should always be honest with your partner and let them know if you’re engaging in sexting activities or sending explicit photos or videos online. That way, you can both feel secure in the knowledge that there are no secrets between you two and that both partners are being respectful of each other’s boundaries.                                                        

What If My Partner Doesn’t Like Me Sexting? 

It’s totally understandable for a partner to feel uncomfortable with their significant other engaging in sexting activities. It can be seen as a form of cheating after all! However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship has to come to an end if one person is engaging in this kind of activity and the other doesn’t like it. The key here is communication. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about why they don’t feel comfortable with you sexting. And then come up with an agreement on how you can both still engage in this activity while making sure neither person feels excluded or disrespected by their partner’s actions.  


Sexting is becoming increasingly popular as more people explore their sexuality online. For those who are in relationships, though, it can be tricky trying to navigate this new terrain while also respecting your partner’s feelings and boundaries around sex and intimacy. Ultimately, JuicyLucy believes that open communication is key here and we agree. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about how you both feel about each other engaging in sexting activities so that everyone involved feels respected and heard throughout this process. With openness comes understanding. Which is essential for any healthy relationship.

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