Let’s Talk Law: High-Asset Divorce

A divorce is a complicated and stressful thing to handle. Imagine the physical and emotional turmoil it will leave on an individual. You have to go through a lot of processes plus expenses just to manage a divorce. Now double all that stress and exhaustion when it comes to high-asset divorce. High-asset divorce involves financial issues and higher net worth. But if you find yourself in such a high-end divorce, you’ve come to the right place. You can do something to make things fair on your end. Now let’s get started.

A Little Something About High-End Divorce

A high-asset divorce is never a simple undertaking. The process involves financial assets and resources. So figuring out what and how much will go somewhere always has its hassles. This aspect alone makes the divorce process way more complicated than how it should be. But regardless of the divorce is high-end or not, each case involves the following factors:

  • Marital misconduct
  • Spouse contributions
  • Relative income
  • Complete income count
  • Property 
  • Marriage duration
  • Standard of living
  • Cost of living
  • Assets
  • Liability
  • And so on

Being Involved In A High-Asset Divorce

A high-asset divorce will involve assets and other resources. They include the following:

  • Pension funds
  • Retirement finances
  • Real estate properties
  • Investments
  • Stock accounts
  • Family businesses
  • Tangible collections, including artwork, vases, vehicles

The hard part of it is that you have to find the specific value of each item. Once you undervalue an asset, it could lead to an unfair distribution, which will lead to even more problems. So being involved in such a divorce, you need to do your research. Doing so will leave each party leaving with a smile.

What To Keep In Mind

You have to take note of some factors when you are planning for a high-asset divorce. Check some of them out below:

  • Attorneys are available for legal assistance

The first and most crucial thing you can do is to contact a high-asset attorney. Distributing highly treasured items can be emotionally overwhelming. So an attorney can help you with that alone. In addition, an attorney will do what it takes to make sure you get what you truly deserve. The good thing about attorneys is that you don’t have to worry about finding one. You can head online to look for such a legal specialist. The internet does not have a shortage for companies or a high-asset attorney in Houston, TX.

  • Keep the trust 

You still have to maintain all the trust with your spouse before or during the divorce process. You have to keep your cool, no matter how much you want to take revenge or something like that. When you maintain the trust between parties, it will be easier to settle the issue.

  • Time to get creative

You can arm yourself with a professional legal specialist, as well as a financial wizard. Doing so will make result in creative ways to settle the financial aspects of the divorce.

  • Documentation is a must

You have to document everything that will come into account. This concept means filing and recording all the information regarding what items and other resources will be distributed.

Contesting The High-Asset Divorce

What usually happens is that a higher-earning spouse will contest the divorce. They have the option to do so if they will receive higher amounts than the cost of the divorce. But going against such a process requires time and documentation. Not to mention, you will still have to pay for the overall work.

However, it does not have to come to such a scenario. You can go ahead and discuss terms with your spouse. You can talk about what needs to go to distribution, how much will go, and if you want to keep the process private. This alternative is your best bet if you don’t want the public to find out about any of your financial information.

To Settle Things

A high-asset divorce is no joke at all. You have to go through a lot of stuff to finish such an endeavor. So to keep things fair for everyone, it would be best to talk to your spouse first. You can discuss everything that involves the high-asset divorce. Doing so will make things easier and a lot smoother for both parties. There will also be fairness when it comes to the distribution of funds and other resources.



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