Hollywood Star Says Early Rousey Stoppage “Product Of White Girl Privilege”

By Kody Fairfield 

Last week, the world was shocked during the UFC’s bantamweight championship fight between challenger and crowd favorite Ronda Rousey and reigning champion Amanda Nunes TKO’d , when Rousey was 48 seconds in the match.

The firebrand Rousey went down in a flurry of punches from Nunes, a similar fashion to her first loss at the fists of Holly Holm over a year ago.

Following Rousey’s disappointing showing, many sports analysts and fanatics have questioned her abilities, her legacy, and apparently, some celebrities are even questioning her privilege…

Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport, who was a guest on Fox Sports 1’s “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed”, made mention of Rousey’s perceived “white girl privilege” based on how fast UFC referee Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight following a knockdown punch, to Rousey, from Nunes.

Rapaport- “I think they stopped the fight too soon and in my opinion, that was white girl privilege working at its finest.”

Conversation starts at the 1 minute mark:

After the comments by Rapaport, you can see co-host Shannon Sharpe‘s demeanor change as he immediately questions the actor on the seriousness of his comments asking, “You wanted her to get beat worse?”

Following the exchange with Sharpe, Rapaport tries to recover and the segment moves on.

UFC referee Herb Dean has responded to Rapaport in a conversation with a TMZ reporter which you can watch below.

Herb Dean- A lot of people have opinions about things, but have no idea about the criteria that we officials use when we are going to stop a fight. I tell you why I stopped the fight, I stopped the fight because it was… my main job, my primary duty as a referee is to is to prevent fighters from taking unnecessary injuries once the fight has been determined to no longer be competitive.”


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