11 Famous People You Didn’t Realize Were Dumb Enough To Support Bernie Sanders

By Lina Bryce

126 celebrities, musicians, and self-proclaimed “cultural leaders of America” excitedly announced their “new vision for our country” by endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders for president recently. Some of these individuals, many natives of socialist countries, were in favor of Sanders over the socialist-lite, Hillary Clinton. There are others who openly endorsed the Vermont Senator who were born in the U.S. that overcame many obstacles before achieving the American dream and financial success. These are famous people who, frankly, you wouldn’t think were dumb enough to support Bernie Sanders.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founders

(Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield)

It’s no secret that the co-founders of Ben & Jerry are super liberal, but they aren’t your typical limousine liberals. They are straight-up socialists.

Since selling off their public company, they demonize the system that enabled them the opportunity to get rich! A book details how they started their business with How Two Real Guys Built a Business with a Social Conscience and a Sense of Humor. Perhaps their follow-up can be How Two Guys Got Rich and Prevented Anyone Else from Doing the Same by Supporting a Socialist For President.

Cohen told CNN in an interview that they would have an ice cream named after the Vermont Senator. “The giant chip on the top represents all the wealth that’s gone to the top 1% of the population over the last 10 years. And the way you eat it is, you whack it with your spoon and then you mix it around,” he said. “Another idea would be to name it “Bernie’s Rebellion” and would include “all good things.”

I suggest a container half-empty to represent the half you owe to those who can’t afford ice cream and name it “Feel the Freezer Bern.”

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