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The Celebration of David Koch’s Death: The Vindictive Left

Bill Maher once famously chided people for expressing joy over the death of Osama Bin-Laden. Yet, on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, he sang a different tune while addressing the passing of David H. Koch on Aug. 30.

Maher begins his celebration of the billionaire libertarian philanthropist’s death by prostate cancer at 3:05.

While I will leave the monologue’s jokes alone, all you need to hear is “Fuck him … I’m glad he’s dead,” which Maher says in closing at 4:30.

Actor Ron Perlman of Hellboy fame, in a tweet that has since been removed, (a rare occurrence of  Twitter enforcing its rules on a Blue-Checkmark certified woke celebrity), wished a speedy reunion to Koch’s surviving elder brother, Charles Koch.

George Takei also took victory laps on Twitter.

Frank J Fleming, a writer for the satire website The Babylon Bee, posted this chilling reminder for everyone:

If there has ever been a time to oppose the idea of Universal Healthcare, now is that time.

The founder of The Libertarian Republic and KWOS Morning Host, Austin Petersen, had a similar sentiment regarding the progressivism’s near-unanimous celebration of David Koch’s passing.

What Twitter’s like-farming and vindictive masses have failed to realize that their hold-out Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was just recently treated for Pancreatic Cancer at the David H Koch Cancer Treatment Center in New York.

David donated $150 million to build this state of the art cancer treatment center.

David Koch was also a large funder of the arts, criminal justice reform, and immigration.

These reactions aren’t a hyperbolic or cherry-picked selection. It’s not anomalous. It’s not a minority. This is ‘the Left.’ And it’s everywhere. Not just from blue-checkmarks, but from ordinary, everyday progressives.

These tweets are only a few from a 30-minute window, tweeted an entire 36 hours after David Koch died.

There are plenty of other examples that are far worse, but they are buried beneath the seemingly continual flow of vitriol clogging up social media right now. There are just too many to go through.

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