Penn Jillette to Moderate Final Libertarian Party Debate

Next Monday, May 16th, Penn Jillette will moderate the final Libertarian Party presidential primary debate in Las Vegas. Former Governor Gary Johnson, cybersecurity guru John McAfee, and TLR founder Austin Petersen will debate on a variety of topics ranging from the war on drugs to censorship. There are tickets available to attend the event.

All proceeds will go to benefit Opportunity Village, a non-profit dedicated to serving children and adults in the southern Nevada with intellectual disabilities.

The debate will take place at Opportunity Village- Engelstad Campus, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (PT). The event will be filmed for later broadcast, though Austin Petersen may stream it live like he has done with many prior debates.

There is a rumor that theBlaze will be collaborating with the Libertarian Party of Nevada to broadcast on their network, but nothing is official yet.

With the Fox Business presidential debate, Russia Today’s live debate, and now this one moderated by a libertarian icon, Libertarians are getting more exposure than ever. Will this exposure translate into votes? November is seven months away; we will have to wait and see.


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