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by Micah J Fleck

A new C-SPAN survey has revealed that Obama is considered to be the 12th greatest president in history. Americans love illegal assassination, spying, and warcrimes more than expected, it would seem.

The Hill elaborates:

It’s been less than a month since former President Barack Obama left office, but his legacy is already being remembered fondly, according to C-SPAN’s 2017 presidential historians survey.

Obama ranked 12th on the list of 43 former commanders in chief, placing between Woodrow Wilson (No. 11) and James Monroe (No. 12). 

Former President Abraham Lincoln takes the top spot in the survey, which was conducted among 91 historians and other executive branch experts.

Participants were told to give presidents a score of one to 10 on 10 different “qualities of presidential leadership”; these included “economic management,” “vision/setting an agenda,” “relations with Congress,” “crisis leadership” and “public persuasion.”

One of the survey’s advisers, Howard University history professor Edna Greene Medford, said she thought Obama could have ranked higher.

“Although 12th is a respectable overall ranking, one would have thought that former President Obama’s favorable rating when he left office would have translated into a higher ranking in this presidential survey,” Greene Medford said in a statement.

It’s goos to know we have historians who seem to be completely unaware of the history of the Obama administration teaching our children.


  • Not even close. (20-25)

    As a historian, I would have to qualify that number by who is doing the surveying. Twelve is way too high unless you’re skewed toward the left in your politics. Realistically? Obama ranks about 50% – right in the middle. There were no “major” terrorist attacks, but a lot of minor ones. There’s no contention that the USA has lost a lot of presitge in the world during his administration even though he took out Osama Bin Laden. The Iranian deal was/is horrendous as was his “unaffordable” care act – Obamacare. The IRS scandal of illegally targeting conservative groups gets little mention. And, the economy dead-lined at about 1.75% annual growth for eight straight years, a historical low.

    As the first “bi-racial” president, (not Black), he had an opportuinty to do something really special in social relations and healing. Instead, he obviously picked sides to the exclusion of most of America who are neither “uber” nor Black. Essentially, Obama had major promise but could not or would not deliver on his advantage. He decided instead to choose a side that made him look pompous and arrogant. Last, he outright “demanded” a stellar legacy for himself and referenced it repetedly in the closing months of his presidency. A borish attempt to manipulate history – a history that is still out for review when it comes to his eight years in office.

    My vote? #24. President Obama blew a golden opportunity – most of it anyway.