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Forth Worth Police Officer Shoots Man in Back (Dashcam Video)

Feds, Texas

by Micah J. Fleck

In July of this past year, a Texas cop paralyzed a man by shooting him in the spine. According to the officer at the time, the victim was posing a “threat” despite the curious location at which he was shot.

Now, in the wake of newly revealed dashcam footage from the officer’s car, that story is being called significantly into question, as the video clearly shows the victim was walking away from the officer when he was shot in the back, making much more sense as to how the bullet hit the victim where it did.

According to CNN:

Attorney Nate Washington, who released the dashcam video on Facebook Tuesday, said the video contradicts various accounts provided to police investigators by the Fort Worth officer who shot David Collie. Collie is now paralyzed.

The police reports were not available for inspection because they have not been released to the public. The officer’s name has also not been released.

“I wasn’t there that night, (but) I do know what I saw,” said Washington, speaking about the video. “I know I never saw this man (Collie) with a weapon. I never saw this man advance toward the officers. I know I saw him get shot in his back.”

After the July 27 shooting, the Fort Worth Police Department released a statement that Collie, 33, was shot after an officer and a Tarrant County Sheriff deputy misidentified him as possibly being one of two armed robbery suspects. But the department contended Collie was shot after he refused to comply with orders to stop and an officer misidentified a “silver object” in his hand as pistol, which he believed Collie was pointing at the deputy.

The officer fired two rounds, striking Collie once in the lower torso, police said. Collie dropped the silver object, which turned out to be a silver colored box cutter, police said.

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