Islamic Mayor’s Call to Ban Ads Reveals Troubling Similarity Between Social Justice & Political Islam

This week London Mayor Sadiq Khan, in a letter to The Guardiancalled for a ban on subway advertisements showcasing scantly clad women out of his alleged concern for the body image issues they may cause to arise in London’s citizens. He expressed particular concern for adolescents, citingmhis own two daughters.


Under ordinary circumstances this would likely have been seen as just another case government violating free speech under pressure from social justice feminists. Yet the new Mayor of London is a Muslim, making headlines earlier this year for being the first of his religion to lead a large European city. This has caused critics of the advertisement ban to cite his Islamic beliefs as the real underlying influence for his recent announcement. These are not entirely baseless accusations, as he does lead a city where large segments of the population are of the Islamic faith; if not for his personal beliefs, he could be trying to pander to his constituency to remain popular, as any politician would do.

Yet, what is most unnerving about this situation is perhaps there is more than one motivator silencing speech in Britain. The predominately secular feminists and social justice warriors along with the growing Muslim population of Britain (many of which hold radical views), have a common interest in stifling Western liberties. They are rapidly creating a powerful and united anti-free speech/expression constituency without even trying to.

So regardless if the”progressive” intentions the mayor states really are the reasons behind his ban proposal or the critics of the new policy push are right in their accusations of secret Islamic motivations, it’s a no-win situation. It’s a no-win because now it makes it all the more difficult for liberty advocates as we continue to fight both social justice and political Islam, a perfect storm of social pressure motivating politicians to strip our freedoms.

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