Libertarian Presidential Candidates Take Media by Storm

Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee. The three candidates are getting needed media attention that was scant just two weeks ago.

Gary Johnson appeared on ABC, CNN, and in the Daily MailHe has cast himself as the Never Trump candidate, contending for voters who are dissatisfied with both parties. Johnson has also pitched to Bernie Sanders supporters as well. He has hit Trump hard in the past few days, saying that he is dangerous and his policy proposals are ridiculous.

He has been fighting hard to be included in polls and the Public Policy Polling company granted his wish, including him in a poll where he siphoned more support from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, with 4% in the poll.

Austin Petersen has been making waves in conservative media. RedState editor Leon Wolfe mentioned Petersen during an interview with CNN, saying that he could support Petersen more than Johnson. Petersen also conducted an interview with RedState as well. In addition to having RedState’s preference, Petersen was mentioned in a PJ Media article where Michael van der Galien said that if Libertarians were smart, they would pick him. TLR’s founder was also featured on conservative radio giant Steve Deace’s show this week.

To top all of that, he was interviewed in a NowThis video which has garnered over 50,000 views. Petersen was also featured in a recent article which called him the conservative’s libertarian candidate. An email released by his campaign says that Petersen will be interviewed by The Washington Post and will be on Kennedy on the Fox Business Network later this week..

John McAfee, as usual, is also turning heads. He was named the head of a small tech firm, whose stock jumped 34% in recent days. McAfee was also recently featured in a Heat Street article, but his real moment in the spotlight was Heat Street’s Facebook video, which has garnered over 125,000 views.

In addition to all of this, McAfee has been published in Business Insiderwhere he wrote an op-ed explaining his rise and comparing himself to Charlie Sheen. Newsweek ran the op-ed, as well. And to top it off, he was interviewed by Milo Yiannopoulos on Milo’s weekly podcast, where he called for America to stop being the world’s policemen.

Media attention is something that a third party run has been lacking. But with two vastly unpopular presidential candidates in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there has been a lot more media attention focused on the Libertarian presidential candidates.

As Bernie Quigley (who supports Gary Johnson) writes in Observer:

“America is now fully immersed in a sea change that has been building for at least a decade which is certain to bring increased instability and anxiety in the near future. The change we will encounter ahead and perhaps even this year rising is conceivably the most drastic that we will have faced internally since the end of World War II.”

All of these candidates will be interviewed by Glenn Beck on TheBlaze next week.


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