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Four New Year Resolutions For a Stronger Liberty Movement


2. Learn How to Become a Better Messenger of Liberty

If you’re a libertarian, chances are you’re interested in spreading the message of liberty. All of us could stand to improve our messaging ability, no matter how good it already is. There are many incredible messengers in the liberty movement; a few are Larry Sharpe and Austin Petersen. One of my favorites was the late Harry Browne. In addition to appearing in several ads, giving many speeches, and hosting a radio show, Browne dedicated one of his shows to giving us tips on how to get better at selling the ideas of liberty. The U.S. is far from a libertarian country, and we have a lot of work ahead of us in convincing non-libertarians of the merit of our ideas, so we should take advantage of resources that can help us step up our game and become better at persuading people to join the liberty movement.


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