John McAfee Tutorial: What to Do If a Cop Plants Drugs on You

Libertarian Presidential Candidate John McAfee posted a video on Twitter Thursday giving advice on what to do if a cop plants illegal drugs on you.

“So what do you do if you’re minding your own business, breaking no laws and some official or officials, the cops or whoever, plants an illegal substance on you and you know it was planted on you and they know they planted it on you. Well, listen, this is the simplest of all f*cking problems.

Number one, be aware you have zero chance of being arrested and sent to jail. Why? They planted the weed to make some money, right? If they take you to jail, they got to fill out f*cking forms, the boss is going to get whatever money you might have made, and you will have wasted your time. So no, you’re not going to jail. The cops are intimidating you. Now, you don’t want to go, ‘not my drugs’. That’s an offensive attitude to a cop trying to make a decent living by scamming tourists by planting weed on them or whatever. No, that’s the wrong approach! You go something like, ‘oh f*ck me that’s the third time this week please God don’t tell Commissioner Adams about this he’s a good friend, and I swear to God he will be so pissed at my actions.” McAfee said while smoking a joint.

“Well, that usually gets you off without paying anything. If you’re not coherent enough to come up with a similar story which will get you off scot-free, then don’t pay a single penny more than five f*cking dollars. This is how policemen make their money. Listen, in countries like Belize and Guatemala, policemen make three dollars a f*cking day..three dollars and they can’t live on that. So what do they do? They put up roadblocks in rural villages and charge people a couple of pesos to go across. If you’re a tourist, you’ve got to pay more. It’s not corrupt. It’s just the way things are, but you ain’t going to jail”, McAfee continued.

If you follow Mr. McAfee on Twitter, you’ll know that he releases videos on a wide range of topics from his political philosophy to his outlook on life as he campaigns (not) for the White House  – mostly in international waters, as he is running from authorities on wrongful charges.

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