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John McAfee: “I’ll Decrypt San Bernardino Phone for Free”

John McAfee, Libertarian Party candidate and cybersecurity guru, penned an op-ed in Business Insider to the FBI and to the public, offering to decrypt the San Bernadino phone for free using social engineering.

In the op-ed he blasted the U.S government for using the All Writs Act of 1789 to order Apple to place a backdoor into the iOS software so that the FBI could decrypt the phone of one of the San Bernadino shooters.

He writes:

“It has finally come to this. After years of arguments by virtually every industry specialist that back doors will be a bigger boon to hackers and to our nation’s enemies than publishing our nuclear codes and giving the keys to all of our military weapons to the Russians and the Chinese, our government has chosen, once again, not to listen to the minds that have created the glue that holds this world together.”

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