Huckabee: Vote for Trump Because He’s “Car Wreck Pointed in Right Direction”

by Josh Guckert

In a tweet early Friday morning, former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made his closing case for Donald Trump.

After coming in second place in the 2008 Republican presidential primary, Huckabee returned to politics in 2016 with a second run at the White House. This bid was far less successful, as he came in ninth-place in Iowa on February 1, where he had concentrated nearly all of his campaign resources. He suspended his campaign before the end of the day. He announced on May 4 via Twitter that he was “all in” for Republican nominee Trump.

Huckabee represents one of the last remaining leaders of the fading Evangelical wing of the Republican Party. His enthusiasm for the Trump candidacy has likely waned in light of some rather “colorful” revelations and accusations surrounding the New York billionaire.

Now, with four days to go until election day, Huckabee can only tweet likely the least glowing endorsement of Trump which has been offered to date.

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