Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Considering a Fourth Child Through Adoption

It’s only been a year since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their third-born child. Already, Jessa is considering a fourth child. Still, this time it will be different; they are considering adopting a child through a CPS case.

The birth of their third child in May 2019 rocked. If you have followed the Duggars on the news, you may already know they love babies, and Jessa is only continuing what looks like a family tradition.

A Family That Loves Children

The Duggars come into the world, knowing that it is okay to get more than ten children. However, Michelle ended the tradition because none of her daughters has the interest to birth 19 children.

Josh Duggar already has six kids in his less than 12 years of marriage. But that is as far as he might go seeing as his wife, Anna Duggar, already surrendered, saying she does not want to end up like her mother-in-law.

Away from Josh, Jessa announced her longing for a fourth child when her third child is only a year old. The news would make Jim and Michelle happy, but the family is considering adoption.

Desire to Adopt a Kid

The family revealed their desires through an interview with US Weekly. According to Jessa, they will wait until their three kids are grown and left home and then adopt a child. However, they are also considering having the adopted child growing up with other kids. It is not clear when they will adopt a child, but it might be soon.

According to Jessa and her husband, some of their friends have adopted children, and they are in consultation with them to find out what will work for them.

Although they did not sound sure of what they need during the interview, Jessa and Ben seem to be doing a lot of research and consultations before adopting a child. However, the thought of adopting a child was always there even before they had their first child.

According to Jessa, she and Ben have always toyed with the thought of adopting, but the idea now seems more surreal when they think of the fourth child. She said, “We are taking it one (child) at a time, and we are grateful for each of them. We are unsure whether the fourth child will be adopted or biological, but we are looking at the two options keenly.”

The child might come sooner than later; it is only a matter of when Jessa and Ben complete their research and make up their mind.

How Will Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar React?

The idea of adopting a child might not sit well with Jessa’s parents. Hopefully, she doesn’t care much about what old Bob thinks because that will curtail her dreams.

The Duggars are fans of expanding the family. According to them, every child is a sign of favor from God. Clearly, Jessa can get pregnant and Jim Bob may not understand why she would consider adoption. We can only wait and see how the parents react.


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