How to Find Real Lasting Love

Finding real love can be as easy and fast as a second, or as challenging and adventurous as for a lifetime. To be honest, many of us seek that person to have by our side through moments of good and bad, and share an everlasting story until the end of time.

This topic has concerned many ordinary people and artists alike since ancient times. And, even if fairy tales are just in movies and stories, and in the real world we have to truly work out the relation, we don’t stop to look for the closest thing to perfection there is.

Nowadays, some choose to search for real love on dating website, some use the traditional methods like going out, and some use the assistance of a psychics as there are a lot of articles like Pros and Cons of Using Tarot Cards to Find Love all over the Internet.

No matter where it is hidden or where everyone is searching, here are five secrets of finding real love:

Be open.

First thing to do when wanting to meet someone new is being open to that, and willing to get to know people around you. That means being communicative and engaging even in small interactions. Even though true love won’t arise from that – it does strike only once, right? -, will help you practice.

Also, keeping an open mind will might get you the perfect partner. Sometimes, the image we build in the mind of what we are looking for isn’t exactly what the life shows it really fits us best.

Be authentic.

There is no need to pretend being something else to someone who knows little of us. First of all because the true nature, habits, or every aspect of us will eventually surface. Second, you don’t want to attract someone based on something you are not. And third, just imagine if the other would do the same.

Being authentic and not trying to fake or please others keeps your personality sincere and also your passions or goals. Nonetheless, people are really attracted to authenticity, so they have to know that they fall in love with the right person – both in terms of honesty and that special one-of-a-kind.

Be confident.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Lack of confidence always starts from being hurt in past romantic relationships, and thus the need for protecting themselves from heartbreaks. But when you search and hope to find something as real love, there are risks and chances to take, and personal experience must be put aside.

Also, be confident in yourself, your decisions, and who you are. After authenticity, this must be kept in mind to understand that whoever will be by your side will do it for all that you are comprised of. And be confident that person will appreciate and want exactly what they see in you.

Be positive.

One thing that truly attracts is the good, the happiness and the positive things in people. Being positive will surely not put aside anyone, because this kind of force is magnetic. Stay positive not just in the search of that real love, but also in the daily routine and activities. Also, focusing on things that make you happy will contribute on that positive image shared around you.

Be first in love with yourself.

Either by finding yourself or growing and improving, you have to first love yourself before being ready to love someone who sees the real love in you. There is a reason for which God created each and every one of us. As altruistic and selfless a person would be, knowing to value oneself shows people that you are someone to keep close. Hate, neglect, or indifference don’t bring love, but self-appreciation is a starting point to that.



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