Why Should You Hire A Rehabilitation Center That Provides Instant Drug Screening?

Let’s face facts:

It has been reported that more than 21 million Americans who are above the age of 12, depend or have met the criteria of substance abuse.

Substance abuse disorder is a type of mess that forces people to deny a drug, especially when they struggle through alcohol problems. A drug test is a perfect tool that offers indisputable proof for the strugglers and depicts that they need help. Substance abuse becomes prominent with the help of a drug test, and thus, it provides an accurate indication of the disorder. Drug detection in saliva is not only helpful for post-prevention but also offer a long-term prevention plan in the future. It helps a person to recover from the abuse and maintain accountability while sticking to goals of wellness.

What are the requirements for conducting proper drug testing?

Today, lots of employers are opting for random drug testing policies for their staff and employees. In most cases, employees need to submit and pass a pre-employment drug test, after which they conclude agreeing to additional drug screening for the entire employment period with that particular company. This ensures a complete drug-free workspace. But these can’t be implemented with ease. There are specific procedures and requirements which should be met from the employer’s side.

  • A written policy

Being a reputable employer, you should provide a written policy to the employees, which makes them aware of such a program in the workplace. A copy of the policy must be presented to each employee.

  • Pre-employment testing

To introduce a policy, especially in terms of drug testing, the employer must opt for a pre-employment drug test to determine their suitability.

  • Randomly test your employees

To maintain compliance consider, testing the employees with random checks each year. Random screening of the employees prevents them from opting for substance abuse even after years of passing the initial test.

Why are business owners switching to instant drug tests rather than depending on lab tests?

To figure out the answer, you need to determine the difference between instant drug tests and lab tests. When it comes to administering a drug test, lots of questions appear in mind. Employers fail to determine the types of tests required based on the business type. This is the reason they prefer switching to instant drug tests where the experts visit the workplace and screen the employees according to the requirement. In most cases, a saliva drug test is usually common. Drug detection in saliva is easier than other forms and provides instant results. Moreover, rehabilitation centers that offer instant drug tests are compliant with the certifications that are followed by reputed labs. This ensures that the teasing conducted in the workplace meets quality standards and promotes safety.

With almost a 99% rate of accuracy, it is hard to rely on the requirement of lab tests. When working with a third-party rehabilitation center, make sure that the organization follows the guidelines which are maintained by renowned laboratories.


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