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Seems Bernie Can’t Even Promise You Free Stickers

The debate is over! There’s no question about it; all bets are off. Bernie Sanders is just as subject to economic laws as the rest of us. That’s right, Bernie’s own website ran out of something as basic as stickers to send to his supporters. This raises the question, if Bernie can’t supply something as basic as stickers to a few million voters, how can he hope to provide healthcare to hundreds of millions of people?

The thread, posted to /r/shitstatistssay by user sedge_bro on Tuesday, January 12th, was met with laughter and mockery towards Bernie’s campaign. It included a screenshot and a link to the error message. Here’s what happened if you tried to order a sticker:

Oh look, a shortage!

Oh look, a shortage!


What’s ironic about this, especially coming from Bernie’s campaign, is that the man rejects the fundamentals of supply and demand. Anyone who’s taken a macro-economics course understands that humans have unlimited wants and limited resources- a dilemma that causes scarcity. When there’s too much demand for something and not enough supply of it to go around, there’s a shortage of that good. Since Bernie’s entire economic plan dismisses the needs of suppliers, it’s almost a certainty that shortages would be rampant, a common problem in socialist societies throughout history.

All goods require resources to create, and since Bernie’s plan demands many of them be provided through “charity,” to an extremely large base of consumers, there aren’t enough to go around. This happens because people don’t tend to want to work when 90% of their income is taken by force. There just aren’t enough resources to provide everyone with what they want, especially when the means of providing it require either slave labor or taking from people who have earned it.

But this is Bernie’s plan for your healthcare, your childcare, your education, and your company. Provided for “free” until the money needed to provide it just isn’t there. What’s going to happen when your honors student, with a perfect attendance record, can’t attend college because there’s a shortage of room there, too? Are you going to get a letter that says “Sorry, we’re out of free college for now” or when your dying mother who needs her doctor going to get a call that says, “Sorry, we’re out of free medicine for now”? Is this how Bernie plans to run the country too?


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  • Libertarians Are Stupid

    Libertarians are literally the dumbest fucking people on the planet. If libertarians had it their way, we would all be up in trees flinging our shit at each other. NEWSFLASH: HUMANS DECIDED NOT TO BE LIBERTARIAN BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN HUMANS. Any animal that lives in a community by definition rejects libertarian-ism because living in a community is a way to protect the group as a whole from the dog-eat-dog world of nature. There is no such thing as a free market because markets are by definition unnatural ways of distributing goods and services. We INVENTED markets to distribute goods and services to people. Believe it or not, not every good has the same properties. In the pizza market for example, the free market naturally supplies the adequate quantity of pizzas at the appropriate price. However, in the HEALTHCARE market, nobody has incentive to supply healthcare because it is very EXPENSIVE to operate and there is not a lot of money to be made. Not everyone who needs healthcare has money to pay for it. That is why government intervention is the most appropriate way to deal with the healthcare industry because it is a PUBLIC GOOD. If you libertarian fuckbags ever took an economics class, you would know that the giant hand doesn’t magically fix every fucking thing on the planet. However, nobody will ever get through to libertarians, because all they know is supply and demand. Nobody pisses me off more than libertarians. Fucking morons.

    • DaGreatGuyFromDaWorld


      Communists are soooo crazy. And angry.

      You’re very angry.

    • DaGreatGuyFromDaWorld

      LoL Seriously, when you sober up, read what you posted. It’s like the ramblings of a 5th grader.

      And don’t bring up nature when trying to defend socialism. I can’t think of many groups that don’t leave the wounded behind or even eat the weak. Humans are the ones who even attempt to help the weak and that’s because we have soft hearts.

      In the natural world, I don’t think you would even have made it far enough to complain. Some stronger member of your pack would have already eaten you.

    • mbob


  • mbob

    Too ridiculous. Sanders’ ideas are obviously much more popular in the free market of ideas than are your own.

    According to you, it’s all supply and demand. There’s more demand for Sanders than he realized. That’s a good thing for him, and nothing than he can be criticized for.

    You should wait until you run out of stickers before criticizing him. Oh yeah, you never will: because there will never be any real demand for what you have to offer.

  • genllee

    These people are corporate fascists, not libertarians. Reducing the federal government does not promote liberty if you have massive unaccountable private tyrannies controlling the country.

    Also, all this talk of reducing the federal government is ridiculous and belongs in a philosophy seminar. In the real world the wealthy will never allow a small federal government. The wealthy are socialists who demand a huge federal government to improve their bottom-line and to protect them from risk of loss. All the nonsense about “free markets” only applies to the poor.

    What the corporate fascists really want is the elimination of public spending for public purposes. They sometimes call that “freedom,” “liberty,” “choice,” and/or “creating jobs.”

    A TRUE libertarian supports a strengthened federal government which is more accountable to the public because the federal government right now is the only institution that can protect people from private tyranny. Once private tyranny is eliminated, THEN perhaps we could talk about reducing the federal government and putting more power into the hands of people.