How to Prioritize Your Sanity During Coronavirus

When you read another news story about how the government has failed us during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to get angry, distressed, and frankly – depressed. The U.S. federal government’s mishandling of the virus can stress out even the calmest of libertarians. If you’ve been searching for healthy ways to live your life during lockdown, you might be at a loss. However, we’ve got your back.

Below, we’ve compiled some no-nonsense solution to feeling better, one day at time. Sure, the world as we know it probably won’t ever go back to “normal,” but there are still plenty of things you can do to exert a level of control over your life in the midst of all this uncertainty. Keep reading to learn how to maintain some semblance of sanity during this insane time in history.

Step one: Take regular breaks from the news

Look, it’s incredibly important to keep up with the news of the pandemic – but, with mainstream news sources blasting red, capital-lettered warnings to all citizens and blaring the alarm, it can really raise your cortisol levels. Try to limit the amount of time you read the news to less than an hour per day. Any more than that and you’ll get sucked into a depressing hole of constant bad news and learn more about what you can’t do from the government (our favorite).

Instead of mindlessly scrolling the news, go outside, breathe in the air, and take a long walk.

Step two: Get active

Okay, you don’t have to start up your own yoga YouTube channel, but you should make a point to be active once a day for at least thirty minutes. Those endorphins and other happy neurotransmitters can provide a real mood boost. Not to mention, regular exercise lowers your risk of disease and overall mortality. If you’re not into at-home workouts, consider getting a bike. Live in an urban area? Snag a road bike and take on the streets. Live near awesome outdoor trails? Get a cool off-road bike.

Another option is to invest in some at-home weights and start weight training. If you have the space in your home or apartment, a small home gym can really help motivate you to actually get up off the couch and do something.

If you prefer running as your main form of activity, consider using a training app like Couch to 5k to ramp up your training. It’ll help you stay focused and motivated.

Step three: Eat well

Your nutrition is always important but it’s especially critical during a pandemic. Make sure that even if you aren’t cooking homemade meals every day, that you’re still eating well. Sure, it’s incredibly easy to eat fast food and rely on takeout. But unfortunately, all those trans fats, sodium, and sugars will take a toll on your body.

If you hate cooking, you’re in luck. There are plenty of meal delivery services that will deliver fully-cooked meals directly to your doorstep. Meal delivery services are a smart way to eat well and enjoy food without the hassle of tons of dishes, time, and effort.

Step four: Sleep well

You know the saying, “Work hard, recover harder”? The same concept applies to your sleep. If you’re active or feeling stressed out during the day, it’s incredibly important you give your brain time to wind down and restore itself during sleep. Sleep is important for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being – so don’t brush it off.

If you find that you’re dealing with insomnia due to stress, consider taking some CBD supplements to help. CBDfx gummies are the best for sleeping and can help whisk you off to your libertarian dreamland.

Conclusion: Take a deep breath

We live in very uncertain times but there are plenty of ways you can take control over your life. Start with controlling how much you expose yourself to news every day. Try to limit watching and reading the news to one hour each day. Consider having days where you don’t watch any news at all. And, don’t forget to prioritize your health: eat well, sleep well, and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to feel your best.



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