The expert guide to private health insurance in Hong Kong

The importance of health insurance.

Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you will ever get. In Hong Kong, the benefits of public health insurance are affordable but choosing to go with private health insurance is the best money you will ever spend. Knowing that you are protecting yourself and your families from harm. Nothing could be better than that.

Private health insurance.

In Hong Kong, there are different levels of private health insurance. Most health insurance broker Hong Kong recommend that you get the highest health insurance plan that you can afford. Therefore, ensuring your health and safety to the best of your abilities.

In the health insurance industry, there are many levels and types of health insurance coverage for different stages of life. Just having the basic health insurance plan will end up harming you more in the future as time goes along.

The different levels of private health insurance.

  • Inpatient health insurance coverage.

The lowest level of health insurance coverage. It covers regular hospitalizations. Including all the necessary medication that will be necessary to take through your visit. As well as tests needing to be done, including MRI, CT Scans, and many more.

  • Outpatient health insurance coverage.

One level up from inpatient coverage, it’s the most popular health insurance level in Hong Kong. This level has everything that you will be getting in the previous level with many more amazing additions. Including doctor and specialist visits, prescribed medication, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Although having the basic or even one level up health coverage seems to be fine, you must think about the future and all the things that may come up and need treatment at that moment. No one wants to wait in line when it comes to an emergency or a very needed medical test.

  • Maternity health insurance coverage.

This level of health insurance has everything mentioned above with relevant addition.

In Hong Kong, every woman has the ability and the right to give birth in a hospital no matter her financial status. So why bother getting something more?

Giving birth is a miracle time and time again, sometimes it comes with many complications. With our amazing technology, we have the power to predict and see future problems. This level of insurance will cover emergency C-sections,

Routine check-ups, and special testing.

It is something every woman wants and needs for her and her unborn child.

Dental health insurance.

It is known that dental treatments all over the world can make you bankrupt, therefore you need a plan to protect yourself and your teeth.

Most health insurance broker Hong Kong, will offer you one of two dental plans.

  • Routine treatments.

Just as it sounds this is the basic level of dental care, which includes checkups, fillings, route canals, emergency treatment, plus routine dental hygiene and cleaning.

  • Major treatments.

This level of dental insurance covers everything, from a simple filling to getting a gold cap. This level is perfect if you are starting to feel something major that will need treatment in the near future.

Chronic and pre-existing condition coverage.

Let’s talk about chronic and pre-existing conditions. These kinds of diseases can end up dragging you in the mud, with so much unknown in the world there is somehow always something new that needs treating. Whether it’s a new medication, a flair up that needs attention, or God forbid complication that needs to be dealt with right away. This coverage is extremely needed and advised by a health insurance broker Hong Kong.

With all this in mind, private health insurance in Hong Kong is crucial. You need it and your family is depending on you. Adding a little bit of cash to upgrade your health insurance level may even save you life.



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