How To Find Phone Numbers With Google: Best Guide

There are many occasions when we need someone’s phone number, but there is no chance to ask the person themselves. We might need to receive a telephone number from a friend, relative, coworker, or even a random person. Of course, there are paid services online that will help you with digging up any personal information about whoever you want, but can you Google search a phone number? Luckily, you can do it. Here is an easy guide on how to discover mobile numbers using Google search.

Looking Up Someone’s Number on Google

On you can find a lot of information on searching for certain data online. It says that Google previously had a convenient service called Phone Number Directory. This service allowed looking up someone’s name or phone number to discover various personal data about them. Unfortunately, this feature was disabled because some users did not want to have their information out there. However, it is still possible to use Google for discovering the necessary telephone numbers. Here are some ways of finding a specific phone number via Google:

  • By a person’s name – the easiest method is using someone’s full name on Google search to find their number. You can discover social media accounts and other profiles belonging to this person that might contain their phone number;
  • By address – if you know a physical address of someone’s home or a company, you can type in the address in Google and see, whether it finds a phone number attached to it;
  • By company name – if you need to contact a company or one of its representatives, you can always search up the name of this business to see additional information like phone numbers, location, links, etc.;
  • By website – if you know that a certain site might contain the information you need, you can search for a person or business within this website. In the Google search bar, type in the necessary name, then add “site:” and the website name after that. This should help you with browsing through a specific resource.

Looking up someone’s number is often not that easy. In this case, any information might be extremely helpful. Try using some additional data like address, company name, e-mail, previous job, etc. besides the full name. There are many people sharing the same name, so it is always a nice thing to specify the state this person lives in or lived in previously. The same goes for other countries and regions.

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