How rose wine became so popular

Red or white wine? What about rose? The later one has become more and more popular in the recent years. And while is not wrong to say it always enjoyed its share of popularity, one must admit that its fame has skyrocketed in the past years. France and the United States are the countries which consume most pink wine.

Has it the romantic taste which brought its fame? Or the musicians and movies? Or maybe the influence the Instagram-using millennial generation? Maybe a bit of all of these.

One thing to get right, before starting to list the reasons why rose wine is so popular: We must skip aside the misconception that this one is just a blend of red and white wine. In fact, it has its own unmistakable flavor and it is made of special rose grapes.

It also has its many different unique flavors and tastes, its own means of producing, and even the countries or areas where is the preferred one ahead of the red and white.

Also, there are special places where people can enjoy a good rose drink. If you want to discover more about best rose wines with affordable prices, you should join a rose wine club now. These clubs offer subscriptions to their members, which have the possibility to taste so many different flavors.

So, why so popular?


The millennials generation is represented by people born between 1981 and 1996, which virtually took social media platforms where they are now – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

There are special festivals, there are special images, there are influencers and bloggers who found themselves in this type of wine. Even though it isn’t something new or invented in the past decades, it was the right choice to illustrate the style of life of this huge newcomer generation of influential people.

There have been many explanations why rose has become a real thing among the youngsters, and it has to do with its color, its “nor this, nor that” approach, its taste, and even the fact that it looks “cool”. It also offers a big versality and suits many occasions.

And Instagram contributed so much that there are hashtags dedicated to the rose wine, and photos which make a little social media star out of a glass of pink wine.


Another reason for being so popular are the celebrities who consume it. Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their own rose production. Actress Drew Barrymore also endorses rose wine, while Jeremy Clarkson admits he likes this drink.

Then there are singers Jon Bon Jovi (can’t forget the “Bed of Roses”) and John Legend, Dave Matthews, or basketball player Dwyane Wade.

Romantic much?

The rose wine is associated – as its name suggests – with France and those romantic terraces where people enjoy and share a bottle or more. This wine is blossoming in the land of wines, along with Italy and Spain. Together with the United States (thanks to California), these countries are the biggest rose wine makers in the world, some of the most romantic and tourist-attractive ones, and homes of the most famous “rose regions”.

Provence, Loire Valley and Languedoc in France, Basque Country in Spain, and Lake Garda in Italy, they all are some of the most famous rose wine regions in the world.

All these reasons – and maybe a few more – have made the rose wine so famous worldwide, skyrocketing its sales in the past years.

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