5 Amazing Reasons to Move to California

With more than 39 million residents, California is the most populous state in the nation. And it’s easy to understand why.

There are lots of reasons to love living in California. So if you’re contemplating making the move, you’re not alone. If you’ve already decided, then make sure to create a comprehensive moving checklist so that your move goes smoothly.

Keep reading for the top 5 reasons to move to California.

  1. The Weather

Whether you’re thinking of moving to the north or south part of California, you’ll enjoy great weather. In the San Francisco area, you’ll enjoy high mountains and foggy days.

In Los Angeles and San Diego, you’ll find 70 and 80 degree days almost year-round.

So whatever you’re looking for, you can find in California. And you can say goodbye to endless months of freezing winter that’s common in many parts of the country.

  1. The Food

California is also known for its delicious and wide variety of food. Are you into Mexican food like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos? You’ll find tons of options here.

Maybe you’re interested in wine. California also boasts a world-renowned wine culture with more than 100 different types available.

And you’ve probably heard of In-N-Out Burger. This popular chain is everywhere in California.

  1. The Diversity

Next on the list of reasons to move to California? It’s is one of the most diverse states in the nation. With nearby Mexico and a long coastline on the west, there are many different cultures represented here.

No matter where you are in the state, you’ll encounter people of different rages, religions, romantic preferences, and political affiliations. This type of diversity adds a rich interesting layer to the culture that’s missing in many other states across the country.

  1. The Travel

With 840 miles of coastline, there are countless opportunities for travel within the state. Whether you’re into sunny beach days, mountain hiking and lakes at Lake Tahoe, or skiing, you can do it all in California.

Maybe you want to check out the desert. Say hello to the Coachella Valley or Joshua Tree.

Want to check out nationally-recognized landmarks? Look no further than Yosemite or the Redwoods.

And don’t forget about the opportunity to travel via California’s oceans. In fact, try exploring the other side of the country with one of the many cruises from California.

  1. The Tech

Apple, Google, Facebook. These are just a few of the tech companies that call California home.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase Silicon Valley, the nickname given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay. Here, a huge number of companies have changed the technological landscape of the entire world.

So if you’re interested in working at one of these businesses, California’s a great place to be. And if you just want to be near the heart of cutting-edge tech, this is also the place.

Who Needs More Reasons to Move to California?

With incredible food, travel opportunities, and beautiful weather, it’s no wonder people consider moving to California often. Now that you’ve read all about the top reasons to move to California, it’s time to decide if it’s right for you.

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