How to Maintain Digital Security in an Increasingly Complex World

Technology is permeated throughout our lives. We have mobile phones, desktops, laptops, televisions, tablets, smart home systems, eBook readers, and so much more. These tools have greatly improved our quality of life. They make it easier to do things, remember things, learn things, and so on. They also increase the risk of being hacked or our personal information stolen.

Your data is valuable, which is why whether you are an individual or a business you need to follow these steps to maintain your digital security in an increasingly complex world:

Be on Top of Your Personal Information

Personal information is valuable for a variety of reasons. Online, it threatens to completely destroy you. Think about all the accounts you have made over the years. How many times you’ve signed up, put in a username, email, or password. These websites might have fallen out of popularity and become a forgotten memory, but if a hacker were to go in and collect that login information, and it is the same you use today, you are at risk. Using unique passwords can help you protect against this, but the best solution is to go through and locate as many old accounts as you can and delete them. The more you are in control of your personal data, the better.

Keep All Software Updated

If you don’t use a program, uninstall it. Otherwise, you need to stay on top of all software updates because an old program could easily become a gateway for a hacker to access your information. Keep a tab on this and remind yourself to do this regularly.

Know How to Protect Your Cloud Data

Cloud computing has become very popular, with users from large corporations to individuals getting on board. Now, while most cloud services provide security built into their service, that is no excuse to not follow the Microsoft Azure security best practices to a T. By knowing and following their tips and advice, you can improve your business’ security and minimize the risk of hackers and data breaches.

Use Unique Passwords

Every single account you and your employees have and use should have a unique password. Far too often, people use one simple password for everything from their banking information to their social media accounts. This is so incredibly dangerous. Say for instance a hacker gains the login information for some lifestyle magazine one of your employees uses. They can then go to your systems, log in with the same information, and gain access. By enforcing a unique password rule on your systems and logins, you can minimize and contain any breach. It will also help your employees make smarter decisions at home.

The world is becoming increasingly tech-savvy, which is why you need to learn how to protect your data and private information. Without this knowledge and without adequately protecting your data, you put yourself at risk. Stay on top of security news, so you can prevent hackers from hurting your business or personal life.


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