“Smart Home Technology” – Exploring Its Many Benefits

The term “Smart Technology” dates back to the 70s when Pico Electronics released its X10 to the public. The X10 was integrated with Smart Home Technology that permitted the transmission of digital data through radio frequencies to their final destination a residential electrical system. While the technology needed some work, it improved the functionality of the home. 

After several decades, Smart Home Technology began to make a comeback. One of the first modern Smart Home products was the August Lock. Unfortunately, consumers did not take to the August Lock at first. It took some time before consumers were confident to make an investment. 

August First Generation Smart Home Lock

The earliest version of the August Lock is still around but many customers have updated to the latest version. The Fourth Generation August Smart Lock features, including Alexa compatibility, a hands-free operation, remote access, automatic locking and unlocking, and sharable e-keys. 

It was not long before other companies begin to follow in August’s Smart Home footsteps. Amazon, Google, Yale, Kwikset, Ecobee, iRobot, Sonos, Philips, Nest, Belkin, and SmartThings. Of course, there are more Smart Home brands but way too many to mention in a single article.

Smart Home System – Pros

The Smart Home System has a broad range of benefits. These benefits range from convenience, energy-efficiency, flexibility, security, and compatibility. There is no doubt, more and more consumers are turning to Smart Home Technology for one reason or another. 

As this article is being written, another home is being installed with a new Smart Home system. 

High Level Of Security

Before Smart Home Technology, businesses and homeowners relied on the traditional security system to keep burglars at bay. While these devices worked, they were lacking when compared to the revolutionary Smart Home Security System.

Smart Home Technology has advanced the ordinary home security system by a long shot. Smart Home Technology combined with the Internet, software, and a mobile device provides home and business owners real-time access via their mobile devices.

Thanks to this modern-day technology, people can access a real-time, live video of their home and business via a compatible device – smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The video is in real-time, which is a major plus. 

While you are away from the home playing Situs Judi Bola, your Smart Home security system will monitor the perimeters of your home. You will not even need to be at home to know when unexpected visitors arrive. With the help of a motion sensor, the security system will keep you up-to-date when an unexpected event occurs on your property.


Smart Home thermostats help homeowners and businesses to minimize their energy usage. How is this possible? First and foremost, the thermostat integrated with Smart Home Technology has an intuitive app that is to be downloaded to a compatible device. Access the app to create a 24-hour temperature schedule for your home. The purpose of the schedule is to minimize your home’s energy usage by increasing and decreasing the ambient temperature accordingly.

Before the Smart thermostat, homeowners had to be present to make temperature adjustments on their HVAC thermostat. Via the thermostat app, it is possible to make remote temperature adjustments, switch the heating and air conditioning unit on and off, and customize an on/off schedule. 

It is possible to minimize your energy usage with the help of a Smart Home Thermostat. Unlike before, you can turn your HVAC unit on and off from anywhere around the globe via a compatible Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device. And, there is never a need to worry about returning home to an uncomfortable living environment.

The Smart Home Lighting System can also help you control your energy usage as well. The system’s interface is very similar to the Smart Home thermostat’s user-interface. The system utilizes software with a boatload of features, including a customized on/off schedule, remote dimming and color options, and hands-free operation.

Most Smart Light Bulb apps have a Grouping feature that allows users to create coordinated lighting schedules. Pre-set the lights to alternate between colors and brightness levels in sync with your favorite tunes.


Other benefits of Smart Home Technology includes event alerts, electronic visitor access, and professional security monitoring options. It is also possible to create a Smart Home mesh system within your home. The system will include all of your connected devices, allowing them all to be controlled simultaneously.