Could Trump Lose The Election And Still Be President?

A global pandemic, voter fraud, and so on… 2020 has been a year of many firsts for the great United States of America and its citizens. People all across America have experienced things and are currently experiencing things that they probably never thought possible. What’s even worse is, this is just potentially the beginning. There are still tons of possibilities looming. Some experts are even claiming the nightmarish scenarios of Trump losing the election but still remaining in power. This is a scenario that was floated at the end of Trump’s congressional testimony in February. Many experts have debated the issue over and over again, and they’ve come up with several different possible scenarios that could make this a reality.

That’s right, current president Trump could, in fact, lose this year’s election but still remain in power of the United States. Doesn’t sound feasible, right? Want to know how this could be a real possibility and what it could mean for the United States?

If The Election Is Close

Alleging voter fraud would do little to nothing if Trump loses the election in a major blowout. There have been plenty of actual scenarios where autocrats have been forced from office even when they were defeated. That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this race needs to be a replica of 2000 when Bush won the election by a margin of 537 votes and sparked a crisis. With everything that’s currently going on, people could expect to see a crisis even in a clear defeat. 

A close election has already been proven to be within the realm of possibilities. Back in 2016, Trump pulled out with three pivotal states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And, he won these states by at least five-digits. If this year’s election even plays out one bit similar to that of 2016’s election, Trump and his constituents could easily claim voter fraud. Heck, they did back in 2018 and it was proven that the country didn’t have the mechanisms to deal with it. Virtually, nothing has changed.

If Fraud Is Claimed And Republicans Back The Claims

Trump has certainly not been silent about his claims of voter fraud in the past. He spent five months before the election warning of potential fraud. He will not be silent during the election either. With the groundwork already laid all he has to go is hit Twitter up and make more claims if he loses. There are already those that believe him. The real question is whether or not Republicans will back him. Trump is by no means the most popular Republican there’s ever been, but anyone that makes sports with high-quality betting sites like joke123 would suggest putting money that most will follow his accusations.

It just takes one Republican to back these claims and the authorities won’t have any choice but to investigate. All Lindsey Graham has to do is tell reporters that Democrats are the ones undermining democracy and are afraid of a thorough investigation and they’ll be no option but to open an investigation.

The Polarized Courts Go With The GOP

You can ask just about every election expert and they’ll all tell you the same thing. The election results will be challenged in court! This will likely play out by the Trump campaign initiating a lawsuit against the Democrats. With the claims of irregularities, the Republicans can ask judges to throw out the results of the presidential election.

If the judges do decide to throw out those votes that came in late, it is more than possible that Trump will remain in power. This argument, along with the many others that the Trump campaign could make would almost certainly be specious. However, one should never underestimate the power of creative attorneys and motivated reasoning. Experts right now might not be able to anticipate the legal justifications for challenging the results of the election, but when the time comes they will have a good accusation.

Republicans Play Hardball

Going to the courts won’t be the only way that Trump could potentially stay in power. The Constitution legally gives state legislators free rein to decide just how to select electors. Right now, electors are required to vote the same way as the people, but with Republican control a real possibility it is possible a bill might pass striping the power away from the citizens. If this sounds far-fetched just think about all the lame-duck excuses GOP governments in North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin have come up with in the past.