Essential Features to Look for in a Transcription Service

Many people need to use a transcription service in a variety of industries. It is a handy way to take audio records and turn them into written ones at the drop of a hat If you are thinking of using a transcription service, here are some of the essential features you should look for.

Accuracy is the No.1 Priority

When you are scouting a potential service’s website, their commitment to an accurate transcription should be front and centre in all their copy. If it isn’t, you should consider taking your business elsewhere as there will always be another company offering the level of quality you need.

There are many ways a company can guarantee accurate transcriptions. Whether it is through repeated human transcription or the latest in AI transcription services, you need to find out what they are using to guarantee their results. Remember that most transcription services tend to offer an accuracy rating of 99%; if this figure is any different then you need to find out exactly why they are offering that.


The location of the transcription service actually has a massive effect on the quality of your piece. If you are going to use an overseas service, ensure that they have speakers native to your language who can work on the transcription.

The advantage of native speakers is that they can understand some of the intricacies of language. They might also be more familiar with a particular regional accent that you have recorded. If you are able to find a transcription service in a location near to you, you can rest assured that your transcription will be worked on in the same business hours which you operate in. Furthermore, you may even be able to meet with the transcribers beforehand to discuss your needs from the project.

A Variety of Rates

A flat rate for all pieces is always going to be suspicious. One feature you should always be happy to see is a variety of different rates depending on the project. For example, there should always be a higher charge on anything which needs a fast turnaround. If you have a piece which needs to be transcribed in two days or less, you need to expect that that will cost more. If it doesn’t, you need to flag some questions about accuracy.

Other factors which drive up the price might include a high level of technical jargon – for example, if you require transcription of medical or scientific reports – or work with lots of background noise or multiple voices. Some companies might also put in a small extra fee if you want to include the natural speech patterns we all have; things like saying “um” and natural pauses as the speaker thinks.

These are three of the main features you need to think about when considering a transcription service. If you have found a service you like the look of, see if they meet these requirements. If they don’t you may have to start your search again if you are always after top-quality transcriptions.

Image: Pixabay


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