What to do to make your gaming experience more enjoyable

The gaming industry is so developed that it is difficult to find people who have never played games.

Someone just spends time in them, while someone, on the contrary, devotes entire evenings and enjoys progress and personal skills.

But few people like to lose and fail, and even fewer gamers think about how many and what factors influence this and do not work for development and improvement in any way – they just start leviathan carry in which they do not always win on their own, get upset, or angry.

Playing games well is also a skill and a ratio of factors, which we will talk about today.

Buy good gadgets

For gaming, various devices have long been developed and are constantly being introduced to the market to improve gameplay and add new features.

You can upgrade your:

  • Gaming mouse, 
  • keyboard, 
  • headphones, 
  • Monitor,
  • Game chair.

Game Mouse

Has a backlight, additional buttons are configured for keyboard keys for more convenient and faster use.

There is a smart DPI system – this is when the sensitivity of the cursor is adjusted not in the system and not on the mouse itself, but the device itself recognizes the degree of your influence on it and adjusts the sensitivity for the optimal result.

This is very handy in shooters, as your crosshair will move smoothly and never jump over the enemy hero model to hit him with more stability than before.

You can customize macros and additional keys for a combination of actions.

For example, in CS:GO, many professional players adjust their grenades in two ways:

  1. Select a grenade, and then you just need to aim and throw it by pressing the shot button.
  2. A macro for pulling a grenade and instantly throwing it back – this reduces the pace due to the almost complete absence of animation for pulling the pins and thus there are more chances to take the enemy by surprise, especially with a stun grenade.


Modern keyboards have a faster response than older builds, and the fraction of a second they differ can sometimes be fatal. When switching from an old device to a new one, the difference is almost imperceptible, but when you return to an older keyboard, you will see this difference.

It consists in a new technology for installing keys and there is a choice between two materials for installation:

  1. Mechanical – fast response, but during operation, audible characteristic clicks may not be very pleasant for you and those around you. Due to the mechanical structure, the signal goes faster.
  2. Membrane – all laptop owners know this type of keyboard – they have a soft response and a pleasant sound, but they lag behind in terms of response by a millisecond – consider this factor when choosing.

Most models have a white or color RGB backlight and the ability to remap keys through software, similarly with a mouse and in pairs, they work perfectly and provide an almost endless number of use cases – combinations of grenades, additional jumps, demining a bomb without having to hold a key and other formats, which provides global convenience and comfort.


Treat yourself to good or practical gaming headphones to greatly enhance your comfort during your gaming sessions, regardless of the type of game you play.

For single player projects, they will help you dive deeper into the game system and understand the intricacies of sound in combat and peaceful scenes.

For online projects that are built on a competitive aspect, you will hear the steps well and clearly understand the movement of the enemy and the place of firing.

It will be good if you choose devices that support 5.1 or 7.1 sound technology. It means the number of devices from which you will hear sound. They are located at an equal distance and are created using equipment or software. Audio sources are placed in all key locations to ensure accurate 360 degree audio positioning around the player and their location.

The difference in virtual or real sound is more in the cost, so you can safely take virtual 7.1 sound, but later switch to real and get a jump in the quality and comfort of gaming sessions one more time.


A monitor that is positioned as a gaming monitor has a number of advantages over the others due to the accelerated rate of image processing, increased hertz, the presence of backlighting and support for interaction with Nvidia drivers.

You just need to choose a device that is convenient for you diagonally, because someone is comfortable with a 23-inch monitor, and someone with 34 is thinking about increasing the size, everything is individual here.

You need a screen type – IPS, or OLED, for a stable and high-quality picture. OLED will be brighter and richer, but it will also cost much more – IPS is by far the best format in terms of quality and price.

As for the hertz, it is responsible for the speed and smoothness of the picture update, and the higher it is, the more comfortable and smoother everything happens in games, but don’t get too carried away – the human eye does not see the difference above 165 Hz, so 120, or 144 is enough for games Hz monitor.

Game chair

A gaming chair is one of the most subtle improvements to a game room and space until you sit in it and have a gaming session.

Most of the chairs are upholstered in leather, or well-replaced leather, and most importantly – several pillows made of dense material to fix the neck, lower back and arms in a comfortable position during games, so even with long sessions, fatigue will come much later than on ordinary chairs.

Don’t skimp on chair upholstery and don’t buy one unless there are extra cushions and materials that are rated for long sessions, otherwise it’s just wasted money.

Improving the skill

Train AIM

In all shooters, you need to shoot in the head so that the percentage of usefulness and survival is greater.

In order to pump a skill, you need not be lazy to point above the body of the enemy and do it in jerks, while simultaneously practicing on various maps if we are talking about CS:GO.

You need to select a point and sharply switch to the enemy and press the shot at head level – AIM, this is about reaction and accuracy.

The reaction is trained by a quick movement of the hand, and the accuracy of the right place to stop the sight, and everything is gained in the process of games and training.

Train the movement

You need to constantly move – do small strafes from side to side and periodically crouch in order to have a chance to get out of sight of the enemy and in these milliseconds to land him a fatal shot.

Strafe is a micro-movement left and right to get out of the enemy’s line of fire.

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