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Homeless Florida Man Guns Down Robber In Self-Defense

Earlier this week a homeless Miami man, Donovan Stewart, protected himself and his family as an armed robber broke into his van.

In his interview below, Stewart explains, “I am from Kingstontown in Jamaica and I am not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest. This man tried to get in my van while I was sleeping and he was surprised to see what I did.”

He also stated that he was a trained security guard with concealed carry licensing.

Gun control advocates seem to believe that we need to make a phone call when violence comes our way. Luckily for Mr. Kingston’s family he believes in the right of self-defense or else his day would’ve ended much differently.

If you are in the Miami area or know of any crowdfunding campaigns to help Mr. Stewart’s family obtain a new home or job opportunities to help him get back on his feet let us know in the comments.



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