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What Would Happen if Hillary Said She “Grabbed Men by the D*ck”?

hillary clinton laughing

by Brett Chandrasekhar

Here’s an unsettling truth: the same Democrats who say Donald Trump should drop out of the race for admitting to sexual assault would make excuses if Hillary Clinton was the one who said it.

They’d say it was banter, she didn’t really do anything.

Worst of all, some might even say that the men wanted it.

Realistically, however, the excuse most would make is that Trump was still worse.

Don’t believe me? You’re being silly. Think about all the inexcusable actions Clinton supporters pardon:

Back in December, Trump commented that he’d intentionally kill the innocent families of terrorists. I decided then and there that I wouldn’t vote for him. No person who says that deserves to be President.

Though Clinton was never a potential vote, I would have made the same decision about her as revelations came out about her e-mail scandal. It’s true that a lunatic who wants to kill innocent women and children doesn’t deserve my vote, but neither does a corrupt warmonger who committed perjury.

Let’s be honest. There are no principled individuals in America anymore. If the election was Stalin vs. Hitler, Americans would seriously try to figure out who the lesser evil was, even if a third option was staring them in the face.

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