Environmental Warriors! Federal Reserve Fighters! 70 federal agencies with armed divisions!

Alaskan Town Terrorized by Federal Eco-Warriors

Fox News is reporting on the uproar caused by a recent raid conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in Alaska that has people focusing on new cabals of federal forces, armed and ready to descend on the American taxpayer at a moments notice. From the Federal Reserve to the Library of Congress, the US government’s federal agencies are more heavily armed than they have ever been. Considering that many of these agencies explicit purposes are to enforce domestic law, we at The Libertarian Republic just have to wonder… why is the government arming itself against its own people?

Most Americans know that the DEA and the FBI carry guns. But the raid in Chicken (pop. 17) Alaska has gotten locals fired up and demanding answers on why they were raided by SWATheavily armed EPA agents over an investigation stemming from the Clean Water Act. Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell announced he had ordered an investigation saying, “this level of intrusion and intimidation of Alaskans is absolutely unacceptable.”

The EPA agents arrived in body armor looking for possible violations of the law in a town with 17 people. The gold miners who spotted the feds reported seeing feds “swarming like ants with jackets that say “POLICE” emblazoned on them, and all packing sidearms. ”

The Environmental “Police” used the excuse for the raid that there was reportedly rampant drug and human trafficking in the area. However, elected officials aren’t buying it due to the fact that there are only 17 people in the town of Chicken, Alaska. Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich have inquired about the incident.

“This seems to have been a heavy-handed and heavy-armor approach. Why was it so confrontational? The EPA really didn’t have any good answers for this,” she said.

Other agencies involved in the raid were the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Coast Guard, the Bureau of Land Management, the National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Park Service.

The Department of Homeland Security employs more than half the armed agents. The data provided by the DOJ reveals that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has the highest reported rate of assaults on federal officers. Most Americans know very little about the rapid militarization of federal agencies tasked with domestic affairs in recent years. Post 9/11 national security budgets were a boon to defense and surveillance manufacturers who wasted little time grabbing government contracts to increase the amounts of equipment and officers the government believes are necessary to step up homeland security activity.

Now that the US government has seen fit to build this standing army, it would seem that institutions such as the EPA are eager to use their powers to behave like police. One may believe that you could be raided by armed men bearing a POLICE logo. But then you might be confused if you found out that they were not police, but an EPA agent in a police costume. Nevertheless, these types of incidents will continue to be on the rise and more innocent Americans will be victimized unless citizens begin to limit the authority of the Executive branch.

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